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DorseyLTD at Shepherd of the City


"DorseyLTD" as a ministry in Churches that have room for persons with disabilities, will provide needed resources and information to change the helplessness to helpfulness in all persons who have circumstances that need to change, improve or be made aware of.

Mission Statement

"Together we are embracing the Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness and Lost Esteem in all persons", regardless of the village one may come from. Come, rest and repair so your spirit may leave with peace and direction.

A Shepherd's Reflection

'Shepherd of the City Ministry' at "Lee Memorial Baptist Church" represents many ministries throughout our city.  "It takes a village to raise a child" is reflected in our attitude and approach to assisting the needs and enlightenment of all persons.


An American Blackfoot

From the Great GrandFather to Our Jesus Christ, GOD has no barriers. Our syncretism is fundamental in all learning, teaching and understanding. No one is alone in this house. Jesus told us: "My Father's House has many rooms"! Disabilities only slow us down they do not stop us, not at all. They never have and they never will. Evidence and Faith Based practices have taught us all. We learn from each other.



We make our own mistakes.Is your learning curve a mistake or a process? Semantic nonsense makes syntactic sense. Semiotics is the study of the meaning of signs. Our minds see signs when we speak,not letters. When I say tree do you see the letters T R E E ? No you don't. Mnemonics will improve your memory by assisting your association with an item you want to remember...tie a string around your finger...Thisability is the opposite of Disability from now on. I hope you like our new word. I have thisabilities you have never seen.